1. What type of file is MrCopyPaste? It’s Excel file that contains a template.
  2. How does it work? Just select action, workbook, sheet, and range from drop down list in the template to create automated task.
  3. Is there installation required? No installation or no add in.
  4. What’s the software requirement? Excel 2010 Windows or Excel 2011 Mac.
  5. What is action? It is an activity in Excel such as copy paste, delete, insert, refresh, etc.
  6. Can MrCopyPaste process all Excel files in a computer? No, it only can process workbooks in the same folder with the template.
  7. Is there macro inside the source or report workbooks? No, the only file that contains macro is the template. Manipulation of the workbooks is done thru the template, but the workbooks themselves don’t contain a single macro.
  8. What types of file extension can be used as source files? Only xlsx at this time.